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buyer solution, realtor tool, and business-friendly
About Map USA

01. buyer solution

A perspective Buyer can login to Map USA and not only see the area they are looking in, but see a video clip of local businesses around the house they like. Also Map USA provides Neighborhood info such as recent home sales near the home they like, home sales trends, and other useful demographics. At the closing table your Realtor will give you a CD-Rom so you can look for local business or if you are looking for a summer/winter home you can use Map USA to search nationwide. Map USA updates daily so if you purchase a home and a new business comes around a month later just pop in your CD-Rom and get the coupon!

01. realtor tool

Map USA is the only site that you can track your clients on Let’s face it they will go there anyway…. You have more control when you send them through Map USA. Also included in your membership is e-neighborhoods. Going on a listing? Use Map USA to show what you offer to perspective buyers. For a small additional fee we will shoot a 30 second commercial on you for Map USA and give you the link for your own use. Map USA is a multi-tool that is extremely useful to any Realtor Nationwide.

03. business friendly

Map USA promotes local business nationwide with everyone on the same level. No matter if you are big or small, new or old, you will benefit from Map USA. You can be “On the Map “with a commercial of your business, a coupon of your choice, and links to your e-mail and website. We will come out film a commercial, script the voice over with you or have our professionals do it themselves and promote your business to anyone looking for a home in your area. No matter if the across the country or already in your backyard, they will be able to see your business on Map USA . You will also get a copy of your commercial on DVD for your own use.

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